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My Mini “Vacation”

Last weekend my sisters Ann and Amy came up with my nephew Tegue to see the sites of Montana. Paul and I took them to see a waterfall at Hyalite Reservoir, where Tegue actually did a lot of the hiking himself. He was kind of annoyed that he couldn’t get in the waterfall, but once he felt how cold it was he thought better of  it.

montana weekend (july 2008)It was early enough in the day that we saw snowshoe hairs and marmots on the trail, in addition to hearing birds sing and all of that. Which is the good thing about travelling with a toddler- they’re able to wake up early and get moving!

montana weekend (july 2008)
Tegue was full of the giggles the whole time. He found Paul to be very entertaining.

me and tegue
We also drove to Yellowstone and did a quickie tour of the Park. Tegue got to see the big things: Old Faithful, The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and the mud pots. He also pointed to a bison and said (we think) “Doggie!”

montana weekend (july 2008)

We stayed at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, and the elk gathered outside there most nights. This was the #1 reason  I wanted to stay there, so I could watch the elk.

montana weekend (july 2008)

Paul and I have never stayed overnight in the park before, so even though everyone else was pooped, we decided to get up at 6:30 AM and drive to the Lamar Valley to see what we could see. We saw a wounded bison all alone, a couple pronghorn, a pair of coyotes travelling together, a pair of sand hill cranes, a black bear, and a ton of bison (including my favorite: baby bison!) crossing the road. The clouds were so low that we were nearly driving through them, and the cars were so few and far between that the park felt like ours. So, if you ever travel to Yellowstone, remember: get up early if you want to see the animals, especially if you go in the height of tourist season.

  • daisy mae

    I love that picture of you and Tegue looking at each other. At least I think it's you. At any rate, it's very precious. And yes, traveling with a toddler means getting up VERY early. I'm glad you got to visit and show your family the sights.

  • Lamar is so pretty-we actually got to see a wolf when we went through the end of June. We stayed in Gardiner (much cheaper) but had breakfast at Mammoth. It's kind of the elk capitol of the world, I think, there's always a bunch around there. I heard that there's about three times the amount of buffalo as the park can support. I don't think I've ever seen so many!

    My family goes way back in Yellowstone-I kind of feel at home there.

  • Wow - that last photo and the experience that you had the morning that you took it sound amazing. It reminds me of both of our trips, two years ago now, moving across the country. I've got to get back to that park.

  • Wow! I went to Yellowstone when I was a little kid and loved it. Sounds like not much has changed - animals everywhere! I think we went before the big tourist season, in the spring. It's like Jurassic park except...Bison...

    I'm happy I found your blog!

    <3 erin

  • What a wonderful vacation with your family. How nice they came to visit you in Montana. I love it when you share pictures with us from Yellowstone - I have always wanted to visit that national park. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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