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On the Road Again…

I’m writing tonight from Wheatland, Wyoming to tell you that Etsy’s Storque has posted a free project from my book on their website, go check it out! (To entice you without giving it away, it’s the easiest, most beginner friendly project in the book.)

We (and by we, I mean Paul) did a ton of driving today, and since I didn’t have the yarn I expected to have for a work project, I got the chance to work on one my “just for fun” projects (You might recognize this blanket from here and here). I found the perfect  yarn to use for the border at my LYS  just a couple of weeks ago (many of the squares are made with Lana Grossa Wollywasch, the border yarn is called Merino Magic) and I had to buy all 5 balls of it to ensure I could complete the blanket with it (I think I’ll use 4, but I quickly realized the 3 balls I bought initially wouldn’t be enough, so I had to be on the safe side!). I got the idea as to how exactly I would crochet the pieces together when I was helping a customer plan her own afghan project. Other than the border skeins, the entire thing is from scraps and although the colors are a little crazy, I like it. It kind of reminds me of stained glass (… from the 1970s).

car project

In addition to hooking, I spent the day spotting tons and tons (and tons!!) of pronghorn in Wyoming. It’s always fun to see them on the road, but we found this herd right by the rest area, and they didn’t even get spooked while we took photos. (Note: Of course, it is always dangerous to approach wild animals and I am in no way suggesting that you do!). It was very cool to get the chance to watch them, since whenever we saw them in Bozeman they were so, so skittish.

lots of pronghorn

Tomorrow we’re hoping to blow through Colorado and Oklahoma, and maybe even part of Texas. Now that the move is “real” (haha) I’ve been looking at Fiber Groups in the San Antonio area and was pleased to find so many on Ravelry. I’ll have to do some more research, but so far, I’m excited. And thank you to everyone for your well wishes, we are hoping this move will be a very good thing.

  • I just found your web site - your stuff is really cute! You will love San Antonio - the weather is amazing year round. If you are looking for a house, you will find that we are in a buyer's market although our market here has remained fairly stable despite what the rest of the country has experienced. Please send me an email if you need the services of a great realtor here in San Antonio!

  • Those shoes are super duper cute! What a great way to embellish and make something old into something new again. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your loooong drive!

    (San Antonio, where it's actually sort of cool for this time of year)

  • I'm still sad that just after I made a new friend she moves away-BUT-God bless the Internet! I probably won't notice that you're so much farther away. Fun to see the antelope-we usually see quite a few when we drive to Canyon Ferry. Spent yesterday in Yellowstone listening to elk bugle.

  • Amy

    I've been following your blog for a couple months now and I'm excited that your moving to San Antonio cause that's where I live. I hope to meet you some day and you can sign my book :)

  • Looks fabulous! I am absolutely hooked on crochet at the moment! I hope to finish my first project from your book this weekend. Work has been hectic the last few weeks so not much time to spend on larger projects. Good luck with the move! I hope you will love the new home!

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