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Can I Recycle My Blog Post Since It’s 2 Years Old?

I’m still adjusting to our transition and working my fingers to the bone on a big project, and truthfully I haven’t had time to craft a thing for myself lately. I miss my yarn shop job–I’d always have a personal project to work on that was easy enough to stitch between customers. It’s raining cats and dogs outside and when I looked out the window to the sky, it almost kinda sorta looked like maybe it could be snowing. My brain doesn’t know where I am anymore! And I admit it, I miss the snow.

halloween banner

But we are settling in to the new place here, and when I was unpacking I found my Owl Banner that I made back in 2007.  Now that we live in a house, I can actually display it where other people might see it. My grandma (whose house we now occupy) already had some hooks set up on the porch so I used them, even though it means that the banner is a little off center. They were screwed in so that they *just fit* the banner so I went with it.

trimming flags

Here’s a photo of the process from 2007. I still really, really love the simplicity of this project. I figure I might have some new readers by  now, so I thought I’d share it again. You can find some general instructions for how to make the banner by reading my old post. But if you want lots of detail (including info on how to make your own foam stamp), check out the Party Flags I made for Volume 10 of Craft– they are essentially the same idea, but with cupcakes.

partyflagsHappy early Halloween! I can’t believe I haven’t eaten any candy corn yet.

  • You can do whatever you like since it is your blog!

    Thanks for re-posting. The banner is lovely...and I am a new reader who would have missed this project the first time around.

  • No snow yet-what we had melted, so you don't have to miss it yet. It'll come though!

  • Super cute! I'm glad you recycled it, I am new to your blog and haven't made it through all the archives! Thanks for posting!

  • I loved that Halloween banner when you first featured it, so I'm happy to see it again. It looks great on "your" porch!

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