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Holiday Crafting: Paper Globe Ornaments

This week all of those who contributed to the Crafty Tree Trimmings E-book got together and swapped ornaments. Well, we swapped ornament ideas and each agreed to make one of the other contributor’s designs. I knew right away that I wanted to make Patricia’s Paper Globe Ornament, because the first thing I thought when I saw it was that it would be a great excuse to use some fun papers. And so I retrieved my trusty scissors and headed to town.

paper globe ornament

Here they are hanging in the window with battery operated tea lights (that really flicker!) inside. I also took some photos of them by the tree (which I set up just to take these pics!) but my tree is silver and tiny, so these are a bit large for it. But, if you had a big green tree, these also look awesome hanging from one of the “spokes”. They also look great on the table next to the tree, and if I was having a holiday party I would stick them on the table with the hors’d'oeuvres.

paper globe ornament

I have a few tips for you if you decide to make these. First, definitely do score the pieces as Patricia mentions. I used a point turner (usually used for sewing!) since I don’t have a bone folder, which worked out fine. And secondly, I used hot glue to glue all of the tabs in place. It might have been the glue stick I chose, but it didn’t dry fast enough for my impatient ways so I got out my big low-temp glue gun (low-temp is good for impatient people, because when “they” squeeze the pieces together with their fingers, they don’t end up with a big blister!).  I also found that I could fit all of the pieces on one 12 x 12 piece of cardstock, so since I put 2 pieces together for each ornament, that was a grand total of 4 pieces of cardstock to make these. Since I know you will ask, I used Cosmo Cricket papers from the “Earth Love” collection, which I got in a pad at Michael’s. These ornaments were fun to make and it was nice to do something that didn’t involve yarn for once. Well, I did use yarn to hang them….

If you’d like to purchase a copy of Crafty Tree Trimmings, head over to the Craftypod Store. The book will only be on sale till December 31st, and 15% of proceeds will be donated to Project Linus.  To see the other takes on the ornaments, check out these posts by Susan, Patricia and Betz.

  • pam

    I agree with Diane, your paper choice is gorgeous.

    And what I really love is that you should be able to leave them up all year or move them to the patio in the summer with the little tea lights flickering.

    I am wondering - would they support a tea light in a lightweight glass candle holder?

    I also love the angles you used for the photos! Great job all around.

  • Those paper globe ornaments are fantastic. What a great and very original idea.

  • LOVE these! One year I folded about a hundred origami cranes out of washi chiyogami with gold and silver accents and trimmed them with crystals and silver thread to hang on Christmas trees. I presented them in boxes I folded out of the 12"x12" cardstock you mentioned. It set me back on my way to one thousand cranes, but they were beautiful and have stood the test of time surprisingly well. I was worried that the paper ornaments wouldn't make it more than a season or two, and briefly played with the idea of using some sort of shellac on them, but six years later I'm still getting calls from my friends when they hang them on their trees. Have you ever used any sort of paper coating to stiffen your work? If so, what type do you recommend. I was thinking of doing the boxes again and folding something to glue on the lid as a decorative handle, but I don't know what I should use to attach it and harden the whole thing. Thanks! Julia

  • OMG! I love how these look with the printed paper! And I love those little lights in them.

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