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12 Squared Catch Up

It’s been a while since I posted my blocks for the 12 Squared Bee, so here are some I haven’t shared.

blocks for chawne

First are Chawne’s blocks from January. The task she gave us was seemingly simple- sew two checkerboard blocks from 36 squares each. I found it to be incredibly challenging to get my corners to meet, despite measuring, cutting with a fresh blade, pinning,  lining up my seams, using the seam guide and pressing. The corners…do not meet. I hope she can live with the wonkiness — I like it (prefer it even), but, I feel like I failed at these. It just isn’t in my blood to get things to match up perfectly, especially not 36 times each on 2 blocks. Sigh. I could probably use a course in “proper” quilting.  I sent these out yesterday, not too terribly past the deadline.

12squared blocks

Next are November’s  Neighborhood blocks for Megan, which I sent out in December (late). These were fun to do and played to my improvisational quilting sensibilities. She sent us lots of different scraps to choose from, and requested teeny tiny houses (that part was the challenge– to do something interesting within a 3″ ish space). I wish I had had more time to do more blocks, but I was in the midst of a big deadline. At least I got a gnome in there!

12squared blocks
And finally, here are October’s Sampler blocks for Melanie, who was kind enough to trade months with me. I didn’t realize October  was originally my month and we had just barely arrived in San Antonio. Actually, I kind of still feel like I’ve just arrived and it is four months later! Melanie said to do whatever we wanted, so I came up with these designs. These colors were a challenge to me, I really wanted to add a little something from my stash at first (the easy solution) but in the end I think these solutions work. I’m curious to see how this quilt comes together since everyone’s blocks are different.

Februrary is my month and shamefully, I nearly forgot again until I realized no one else was posting about it being their month. I’ve had a color scheme in mind for a while now so I gathered up everything from my stash and only went to purchase a few grey solids to fill in the blanks–yay for not going overboard with fabric buying.  I sent the fabric out yesterday along with some Bauhaust textile inspired guidelines–I’m excited to see what comes back!

  • Your blocks look great to me. Love the colours! I think yours look so much better than my attempts at patchwork. I made the Pink Penquin basket a few times, ot also consists of blocks of fabric, and it was a disaster! Despite the fact that I spent hours cutting them perfectly, they still ended up not matching at the corners. It must be that my seams are not the same width. Of course, it does not help that I do everything fast. These days I draw pencil lines on fabric to ensure I do it straight. Like pockets on my fabric bags. They are always scew. Ah well, nobody's perfect!

  • Amy

    What a great idea - quilting swaps - I had never heard of such a thing until I started reading loads of crafty blogs this year - maybe you need to set a reminder on your computer calendar as you have so many to keep up with ;) They look really good. I'm going to attempt my first quilt for George soon... should be interesting!

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