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New Crochet Pattern: Cables and Lace Scarf

I’m excited to share a  new pattern: Cables and Lace Scarf (Crocheted).  I designed this pattern as a way to show off some of the gorgeous colors of the soft and drapey Lousia Harding Albero yarn we carry at Yarnivore.  The pattern is really pretty simple once you get started, and employs some basic cable techniques (post stitches) to give the scarf a nice textured effect without being too bulky. And here’s something else exciting: living near my sister Mary means I have a new model for my patterns (evil grin).

Cables and Lace Crochet Scarf

This pattern is a great introduction to managing several colors, and includes written instructions on how to carry the colors along the sides of the work for a nice, clean edge. I had three people test the pattern (you can see their projects on the ravelry page) and all were impressed that it looked so clean from the front. Once you get going with the post stitches, this scarf is quite addictive and nearly works itself. I’m serious! I had to force myself to stop and go to sleep! I’ve also included information on blocking the scarf, which really opens it up and gives it a wonderful drape. It’s the perfect accessory for Spring, or for those of us who don’t live in freezing climates. It only takes 3 balls (1/color) of any worsted weight (110 yd/ball) yarn –although a bit of extra yardage would give you extra length–which is good too. Albero is a cotton/tree fiber blend that I’d honestly overlooked- but after working with it–my goodness– it was luxury. The pattern also works beautifully  in cotton, acrylic, bamboo, and wool –whatever your budget allows.

Cables and Lace Crochet Scarf

Mary asked if she could keep the scarf- that’s a good sign. (Sorry, Mary!)

For this week only (thru Feb. 15th) I’m offering the pattern at a promotional price of $2 through Ravelry. You don’t even need to be a Ravelry  member to purchase it, you can just follow the button on the sidebar, or hey, right here:

Cables and Lace Crochet Scarf $2

After that, it will go to it’s usual price of $4. I’m just curious about pricing and want to test out this price, so why not?

And in other news: I’ve installed the Disqus commenting system on my blog! Hooray–now when you leave a comment, I can reply to you on the blog (and you’ll get an email, if you select to be notified). I’ve always replied to people’s emails, since I worry that they won’t check back on the blog, but then I wonder if it looks like I never reply to anything. And yes- sometimes I don’t reply to everything as I get an amazing amount of queries about crocheted things. I will try to be better about that, and at least now we’re clear. I think this will be great because many people ask the same questions, and now they can read through the comments first to see if they’ve already been answered. Thanks to Diane for making me aware of it and Lee for making me realize it would take 2 seconds to install. Now, let’s converse!

  • Linda, I'm contemplating starting this one on my own, but I want to support your classes at Yarnivore...decisions, decisions!

  • lindamade

    Aww, Theresa, that is sweet. The class is so far in the future at this point though- I won't mind if you do it on your own, plus I know you are totally capable of doing so.

  • Such a sweet scarf! Love the colours!

  • Very pretty! I think this would go great with the rasberry beret you designed / I made last year! Nice and lacy.

  • lindamade

    Great idea! I love that so many people made that one and I can see them on much fun!

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