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How To Cardiganize an Old Pullover–With Crochet!

Well, this week is just chock full of fun crochet projects after all. Today, Craft published my pullover to cardigan upcycling project. Click here to see it! (Note: There’s an accompanying PDF, but that won’t be up till tomorrow due to technical issues).


Long story short: This month’s seem is recycling/upcycling. I have a couple of sweaters that are just a little too tight for comfort anymore, and so I pitched the idea of turning one of them into a cardigan. When I got the go ahead to make the project, this well-loved sweater surfaced, and then I realized that all of the awesome buttons I’ve been hoarding went perfectly with it. Click over to Craft to see the tutorial, which will enlighten you on adding the crocheted button and button-hole bands to suitable readymade sweaters (FYI: Knowledge of basic crochet stitches is needed). Of course, you could totally use this technique to edge pillowcases or any other thing that needs a dash of crochet, and it’s also a great way to make hand me downs last longer since you can add the pretty edge anywhere- to lengthen shirts and pants, etc. You could even hold the yarn double when doing the set-up embroidery, if you were so inclined.

If you end up making something from this tutorial, I’d love to see it! Of course the minute after I made it the weather turned gorgeously springy (borderline summer, if you ask a Monatanan), but I’m sure I can still wear it in the air conditioning!

  • also known as the cutest sweater ever.

  • samm

    This is brilliant. :)

  • This is a fantastic idea! Your sweater looks super cute. :)

  • Had to come back ! ! !
    Was here yesterday and thought, 'this is a good idea'
    Thought about it on and off for the last 24 hours -
    and here I am, again.
    I have just the sweater for this project.
    I think I am going to do.
    Thanks for the inspiration
    Thanks for the Motivation


  • Love it! I am going to fix some of my sweaters!!! Thanks!

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