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Crocheted Baby Bonnet

My friend Allegra is expecting a baby girl in June, and since she’s a longtime friend and dedicated reader I knew I wanted to make the baby’s gift. I already had the perfect Texas weather appropriate lightweight blanket worked up (from my round ripple affair, here) and I just needed a sweet little something to top it off. I had small amounts of leftovers from the blanket, so I came up with a simple bonnet.


When I moved into this (my grandmother’s) house, I found a bag of crocheted items that had been made for my mom. One of them was the white bonnet above, which I used as a guide. I actually thought that the bonnet was made for a doll because it was so teeny tiny, but then I measured it and compared it to sizing standards and lo and behold, babies are actually very teeny tiny when they are first born. I worked it in solid double crochet stitches for just the right balance of sun protection and breathe-ability, then added a little flower for fun and to tie it into the blanket.

I find it interesting that bonnets seem to have gone out of fashion (what do I know, I don’t have kids, but going on what customers who come in to the yarn store say)– when they are on, they really just look like cute aviator style hats. If you have kids, you know that that strap is very important, because what baby wants to keep a hat on?

  • joy hunter

    is there a pattern for this bonnet

  • lindamade

    No, sorry. I do have a bonnet pattern in my book, Little Crochet, if you are interested.

  • Twinslow50

    I would LOVE this are right...can't find bonnets any more or patterns that are simple and pretty...please post a pattern

  • I love it!!! My friend knit a bonnet for my baby girl and I thought it was the cutest thing. I actually had to go shopping for dresses that she could wear with it. Will you post the pattern?

  • triciaofbitsandbobbinscom

    very darling bonnets! i have a bonnet i designed for me (and baby sized as well) that's fairly similar. i found that the bonnet was really great for my daughter when she was a toddler, because by then they can really get a hat off (much more dexterity than when they are an infant). it was a godsend this past winter when we were in snowy chicago. i'll probably make her another this coming winter. i love mine because it's different, you don't see them that much you said, they aren't really in fashion anymore. oh well! :)

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