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Fiesta Scribble Shawl

Last month during a particularly busy week at Yarnivore, a customer came in wanting to match some yellow yarn to a dress, with pink shoes. Somehow this spiralled into gathering all of the pretty pinkish and yellowish yarns in the shop, and then the color combination for this shawl was born. (The customer found some nice bamboo, but I couldn’t let this idea go. This story is one of the many answers to “why do you work in a yarn shop?” It’s inspiring to see what other people are working on!). I’ll admit it, I’ve been ogling the ribbon yarns (Colinette Giotto)  since I started working there, and the idea of mostly mindless knitting sounded like a nice breather from the for-work crocheting I’ve been up to lately. The yellow mohair (Colinette Parisienne, to be exact) was such a lovely shade. And so, row by row, I began toiling away on this piece of loveliness (ravelry project page).


I finally finished it this weekend. I wouldn’t call it hard, I wouldn’t call it easy. It’s simple stockinette, but between the  mohair and the ribbon and my extra wide version…. let’s just say there were a few dropped stitches here and there. (I fixed ‘em!).  I wrote up a freebie pattern with the specs for the shop, but you can try your hand at this one or this one if you’d like something similar.  There’s also some great info on the scribble lace technique in the amazing Mason-Dixon Knitting, a lovely book all around. What I love about this is it can easily be a scarf or a shawl, depending on how scrunched up it is.


I made mine 64″ long by 24″ wide. I’ve been wanting to make a version of this since I worked at the Bozeman Yarn Shop- it’s so satisfying to check it off my list. And I liked the mohair so much that I bought some more and worked up a crochet design. It’ll probably be months before you see it, but, I love it!

  • Lorraine Gray

    I needed a shawl for a Wedding that was light and airie ... yours was just the pattern... I have started it and am using fibres that I have in my stash... that worked really well
    Thank you

  • I'm thinking it would make a lovely curtain.

  • That is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  • You make such beautiful things.
    I found a picture of your Babette Blanket at Ravlery and wonder if could borrow it from you.
    I would want to start it, and I'm gathering inspiration and pictures to put on my blog.

  • lindamade

    Hi Kristine,
    Thank you. You may post my picture as long as you credit me and link back to my website- thanks for asking!

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