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Decisions, Decisions

I’m already nearing the finish line with my Kirsty Cardigan, and loving it. I am really, really enjoying the yarn and I actually CAN imagine wearing it in Texas in the Summer–wahoo! I made a few slight alterations to suit my shape. Mainly I did fewer decreases for the bust, left out 2 rows of the “work even” portion of the body, and did 1 less repeat of the post-spike pattern along the bottom (I felt like it was a better balance this way for me). At the moment, I am adding 3 rounds of sc to each of the sleeves to make them more finished, and I like the way it’s going.

button decisions

Earlier today I was trying to decide on buttons. I went with the ones on the right-most card in this photo, which I got just a few weeks ago on a birthday trip to Comfort. They are a pretty shade of blue and have a sweet little embossed texture on them. I decided not to make this cardi button all of the way down, since I don’t ever envision wearing it that way, and that worked out since the card only had 4 buttons on it.

This sweater has been so much fun to work, it’s really pretty simple and I think it will even make a good first sweater project for anyone who might be contemplating jumping into wearables. If you were, for some reason, afraid of the post-spike pattern (don’t worry, you shouldn’t be) you could even just work this in solid rows and get a nice effect.

For that reason, I’ve decided to teach this as a My First Crochet Sweater Class at Yarnivore. Lots of people  have been asking for an adult sweater class–so, locals,  here’s your chance to sign up. The cool thing is that since the sweater is short-sleeved, it won’t eat a ton of yarn, and we have lots of affordable (and luxurious!) options in the shop. I think you could even make it out of Berocco Comfort DK and that would put the yarn cost in the $20  range–a steal!  The class is 4 sessions, Monday nights, beginning May 31st.  Go to the store calendar for more details–you can comment or email me if you have questions, but you’ll need to reserve a spot through the store.  I know summer is pretty much here, so please don’t let needing to miss 1 class prevent  you from taking this– I think you’d be okay so long as the missed class was in the middle somewhere.

In other news– I’m going to the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin on Saturday. If you see me, say hi! I don’t have a booth or anything, but I will be shopping around with my sister, who kind of looks like my twin. That’s how you’ll know it’s me! And hey, maybe I’ll be wearing the finished sweater by then!

  • amycox

    Hey - don't worry about that row summation - I like a challenge ;) and I think you learn more when you think there may be a discrepancy about how to correct it - plus I should have looked at that chart way earlier!! This is my first garment. It must be so exciting to actually wear something you've made! Although obviously I won't be wearing a 2 year olds dress HOPEFULLY I will be making myself something in the not too distant future.

    $20 for a sweater IS a steal. I think I'm going to have to work in a yarn shop when the kids get older....

  • Awesome, I'm in! I've been wanting to try a sweater and I have this issue of Interweave, too. :) I'll be by this weekend to sign up & pick some yarn.

  • lindamade

    Great--you can totally do this! I am not going to be there since I am going to Renegade but my recommended yarns are Arucania Ruca (sugar cane), Comfort DK or another "sport" weight/light DK yarn (like Nuna, for instance). Yay! I am excited to teach you.

  • Allegra

    See you @ the fair!

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