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I Growed It!

Lookie here, something is ready in my garden!

from my garden

The radishes are among the only things that seem to be thriving. They’re pretty much coming out of the ground on their own so I pulled this one up just to see what was going on under there. Pretty, and tasty. I mean, WOW tasty. If you think radishes are peppery when you buy them at the store, this is pepper x 100 (almost too much, but not if I mix it in with a salad or something).

The others are probably about ready to be picked too, but I’m leaving for TNNA on Friday. So I’m wondering, should I pick them and refrigerate them, or let them stay in the ground for a few more days? They really do look like they want to be out of there…

Just to update you on the rest of my garden, here’s what’s still growing:

3 scarlet runner bean plants–seem to be shooting up, finally (4th plant eaten by a snail or squirrel. sigh)

3 bush bean plants (4th plant, see above)

2 cucumber plants, still looking pretty tiny

1 tomato plant, looking awesome (other plant looked dreadful and I gave up)

Basil- 4 plants, one of which looks decent


Strawberries (had to re-pot)

There’s other stuff mixed in that’s looking less than great, and the crab grass has started coming up through the sides. But hey, it’s the first planting, and I’m proud of it. I am probably supposed to start thinking about what to plant next at this point, but I’m not there yet.

  • If your radishes are too peppery, you could try giving them more water. That usually gives a milder taste. Unfortunately all my radishes were contaminated with white little worms. I have good hopes for my Chinese radishes though.

    Thank you Kristen for the recipe for radish leaves! I'm trying that next year.

  • Kristen

    Radishes will keep well refrigerated for a week, maybe more. Pick them when they're small (they'll be more tender and taste better). Remove the greens before storing them, as they'll remove moisture and nutrients. You can eat the greens too if you like.

  • lindamade

    how do you prep the greens? I might try that with the next batch, although with this batch i don't think they'll last till next week w/greens attached ...

  • Kristen

    You should remove the leaves once they're picked. You can store them separately for 2-3 days or just discard. You can eat them simply, for example stir fried with onion and tossed with some pasta, or added to soup.

  • I love your radish. i have not a little garden of my own for many years but I too found my radish plants were the most robust of all my little plants, and would sprout up without much assistance or bother from me. It's too bad that my little dog had a penchant for radishes, he would carefully dig at the soil to check if they were big enough and then gobble them up when they were ready. So cute that I never minded...
    I can't wait to hear about TNNA,
    Nadia xx

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