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Temp: 94 degrees.

Yarn: Superbulky Malabrigo Rasta.
Knitter: Hot and bothered.

So I finished–except for the collar–my Cropped Cardi. To my dismay, it did kind of come out as a knitted fat suit. I left all of the ends loose after sewing up,  just in case the whole thing needed to be unraveled. And then I put it back in the bag.

rasta sweater

I got it out to photograph today–because there’s nothing quite like procrastinating  to quell the anxiety over the amount of work you have due, and hey, I kind of like the darn thing. I think the collar would help it, cause it might just be the neck shape that’s throwing  me off.

rasta sweater

I’m not saying it doesn’t make me look fat, but I don’t think it’s entirely the sweater’s fault (here’s looking at you, peanut butter and chocolate). I do still love the way it is constructed and the directions created by the garter stitch lines.  And I can imagine how comfortable this extra squishy layer might be in the midst of Winter. Haha, Winter! Ha, hahahaha!.

Your thoughts? Shall I go for it, or start frogging?

P.S. I think I am going to re-knit the right sleeve, because I forgot a decrease in there. So don’t let that count against it.

  • Yodafatkitty

    Nope, not making you look fat! It fits! That's half the problem with most folks anyway. I really like it on you. I agree that some collar work would be nice.

  • nadia

    I think I know what you mean, I don't think it makes you look fat, but I agree that bulky yarns are troublesome for knitting garments. I have looked at many bulky knit patterns, particularly those by Wenlan Cha, in her Twinkle Knits series, and while cute photographed in her book, they were less easy to translate into flattering knitted garments, as I found on Ravelry. I'm on the fence too, however my gut tells me that f you don't feel happy with it you probably know the answer to your question, xo Nadia

  • Kristen

    Don't rip it. At least not yet. That bulky yarn just isn't going to be of use for very much time here in Texas, no matter what you make out of it. Finish the collar, wait for a chilly day, and see if you like it.

  • The Loopy Spinner

    It is very nice and doesn't make you look fat at all! The shaping on the sides are very flattering, in fact.

    Yep, just do something about the neck and it will be even fabber!

  • Anne

    I think it would look really cute with a belt and a cute full skirt. A collar also would take away from the wideness. I like it, but if you'd never wear it I say frog it.

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