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Kirameki Sprout

In between my designing, I started this crochet shawl (ravelry link) last week as a shop sample for Yarnivore.

sprout shawl

We got some Noro laceweight, Kirameki, in the shop and of course, want to show it off! It is a slightly thick and thin yarn, ranging from teeny tiny sewing-thread weight to a bit more slubby, perhaps sock weight. It feels very nice for  Noro– mostly cotton with some wool, nylon and silk thrown in for good measure.I picked Kristin Omdahl’s Sprout Shawl from her new book, Crochet So Fine, because it looked quick and easy. Her sample is made with sock weight but since it’s a shawl I can easily modify the size if the yarn makes a huge difference. It’s definitely coming out smaller, as expected, but it’s super delicate and will be really lovely once its blocked.

The pattern is easy to work and makes lots of logical sense–I caught on to the math really quickly and won’t need to look at the directions again until I do the border. Kristin is masterful with the way she works math into her patterns, and it makes this shawl a very meditative peice to work. I love having a project going that doesn’t require thinking. The only problem is it makes me want to put down my work hook and grab it instead!

  • Gina

    How beautiful and delicate! will, is already lovely!!

  • Love the shawl so delicate and spider web like and the colors are yummy. How did I not know that you have a new book coming out and it's for kids stuff!?!?!? I got a new bun in the oven so I need to dust off my hook and get to work when it comes out.

  • lindamade

    I have been incognito about it because it's still so far away! But yes, dust off your hooks in preparation. It comes out next April and hopefully I'll be doing some stuff around TX to promote it and will swing thru Austin! Congratulations on the new baby, too--I missed that announcement. Do you know whether it's a boy or girl yet, or is it a surprise?

  • It looks beautiful! The funny thing is- I just started the same shawl last night. :) I agree about the pattern. It's really easy and fun. I like how the rows are short in the beginning. Mine might be coming out smaller, too, but like you said, it's easy to modify. I love your choice of yarn. :) Cheers!!

  • lindamade

    You have good taste! :)

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