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Where the Magic Happens

Inspired by Sister Diane’s podcast about being more authentic online, and her video on putting things away, I thought I’d share a little bit of my studio space with you. Warning: if you think my job is at all glamorous, avert your eyes!

Whenever I’m in the middle of a lot of projects, things start piling up. I’m not even going to show you the worst- the padded envelopes lurking at every corner, the bits of yarn labels here there and everywhere… Let’s start with something that might seem harmless and cozy.

where the magic happens

When I see that submission deadlines are approaching, I get a bunch of different yarns together and start swatching.

No, you see, I get A BUNCH of different yarns together. I feel the need to pull out all of my yarn bits. I have them roughly organized by weight and fiber, but sometimes one skein ends up in another box or I’ll put two types together just to have an extra color…if I had more room I’d get a nice bookshelf for yarn, but it’d probably still end up all over the place.

where the magic happens

That’s not all of the yarn, although I do try to limit it to four 18 gallon bins. And a few…ok maybe 4 baskets. Plus the shelves with my fabric and whatever lands on the tabletop…. geez.

What’s that? You want to see where I wind it?

where the magic happens

In an effort to always be ready, I keep my winder and swift set up (unless I’m sewing).  I love that the swift doesn’t need to clamp to anything because then I can move it away from the nearest junk pile in order to wind. How many dishes can you spot in this photo? To be fair, I just finished eating the bagel that was on that plate, but still, gross–and what is that snack bowl doing there? I’ve been known to crochet yarn right off of the swift, if the project is small and I’m too lazy to clean up the winding area!

Let’s step back a bit to get a better picture…

where the magic happens

WIP blurred for it’s own safety.

When my brother and I used to do laundry together in New York,  sometimes we’d go late and the attendant would keep repeating “No time to fold! No time to fold!” to let us know that once our loads were done, we were out. It became a joke between us, and we’d chant it sometimes. That’s kind of what happens in my head–no time to clean! Must crochet! Must submit! Must block! Must not miss opportunities!

But if I’m logical and realistic, I know that taking the hour or two to put stuff away will free that nagging voice in the back of my mind. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow.

where the magic happens
Cause it’s kind of hard to type with all of this crap on my desk.

  • Ryan

    Thanks for the shots of your messy office. Its still cleaner than mine

  • Loved this post, I could totally relate. One time I pulled out everything and swatched so madly for a proposal deadline over 3 days that I was shocked when I finally stepped back for a moment and saw the deluxe mess. I actually had to photograph it LOL.

  • lindamade

    Deluxe mess...I'm stealing that! It's since been cleaned and re-messed. Why do I even bother?

  • Amy P.

    This is hilarious. It is weird to see the room that way! Amy P.

  • No time to fold - I love that expression. Wish someone would yell that to me too so I wouln't have to do it - today...

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