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Crafts, Cupcakes, and Cats

I’ve started a teeny tiny craft night with a couple of friends, and wow, it is so nice to interact with humans!! As much as I love the internet, I don’t think anything will ever replace real live advice and all of that. Luckily I get to help people craft all of the time when I work at Yarnivore but it’s nice for me to take a break from that and just craft- not for work–and let’s get real, mostly chat.

reversible hedgehog squirrel

I took the opportunity to finish knitting my Reversible Hedgehog/Squirrel that has been sitting in the corner since whenever I last touched it. I think I got three legs done in the span of craft night because I was way more excited to chat, which is fine by me. Once the gals left I finished the other 3 feet that needed to be made and did all of the finishing.

reversible hedgehog squirrel

Here’s the squirrel side.

reversible hedgehog squirrel

And the hedgehog.
They came out a little wonky but I love them anyway.

craft night cupcakes

And here are some cupcakes I made for the evening, at the very last minute, resulting from a cupboard sweep. Both cake and frosting are from a box/can. Go me. We ate them just the same!


And just for the heck of it: kitties. As you may know, we have a stray problem in our yard and my mom and I (and my very helpful friend) have been working to remedy it by getting all of the cats fixed, and the kittens adopted. This is more expensive and more stressful than you might imagine, as having a stressed out wild animal (even if it is a cute kitty) hanging out in a trap in  your garage is no fun. There are all kinds of rules for the low-cost spay/neuter places and we’ve had a heck of a time being able to use them. But 2 are fixed now, and there are 3 more to go. And if anyone local wants a new kitty, let me know, as a friend is fostering them until the find their forever homes. And at the risk of sounding like Bob Barker: Have your pets spayed or neutered. Seriously! The one abandoned cat that my neighbor was feeding has turned into 9  in the span of a year.

C. R. A. Z. Y.

And no, I am not becoming a crazy cat lady.

End public service announcement.

  • Monicatoby

    Well, I AM a crazy cat lady (who crochets), and I commend you for your efforts to prevent more cats from being born than there are homes for!  I really want to have three cats at a time, but I have nine because I haven't been able to find homes for all of the abandoned kittens who have shown up on my doorstep, either on their own or with help from someone who found them half-starved somewhere and asked if I could take them. Of course, every one of them has been spayed or neutered, even when it was pretty difficult to finance.  People who just let their animals breed may not think of that as animal abuse, but it results in a great amount of suffering, both for the animals that there are not enough homes for and the people who have to do something about them!

  • lindamade

    I totally agree. They are all fixed now, even the one who ran in the trap from down the street. Heh! No more kitties for our neighborhood, fingers crossed!

  • Good for you! We have recently adopted a stray. After she got hit by a car we thought,(since we spent a boat load of bucks to have her checked out at the emergency vet office...) that we would see if we couldn't get her used to the idea of becoming a "house" kitty. Fortunately, the accident wasn't very bad. She bit her tongue nearly clean off, and she had some bruised body parts, some scrapes, but nothing broken! It's been three months and she's much better. And I think she's decided that being a house kitty isn't so bad, so long as she still gets to go outside everyday if she wants. She comes back everyday and stays in the house at night.
    I have one kitty that came from a stray and now we have another. Never planned it but... there you go. I'm glad you are helping to make those kitties lives a better one! And thanks for posting all the fun yarn projects! ;-)

  • Allegra

    Cute cute cute! Love the reversible toy idea!

  • lindamade


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