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I Have A Lot of Scissors.

It’s true. I was attempting to  unearth my sewing machine this weekend and I could reach almost all of these pairs from one spot. And yet, I am always looking for a pair of scissors.

i have a  lot of scissors

My favorites are as follows:

For Fabric: Clover Ultimate Shears EX-200 (green handles). These scissors are awesome–they are light, sharp, and accurate–the ones I reach for. I’ve had “fancier” scissors, including Gingher’s, but they’re too heavy for  my hands. These have all of the power with none of the weight.

For Annoying Clear Packaging: Fiskars Utility Cutters (orange handles). Seriously the best when I need to pry open some electronic item that’s been wrapped in plastic so fused that I’m not sure anyone’s supposed to open it, ever. I also love these when I’m cutting pom-poms, because the spring action  helps keep my hands from getting sore when I  make repetitive cuts.

For Always Being Available: Itty Bitty Scissors by Graphic Impressions (the ones hanging off of my cell phone).  I first found these at Yarnivore and then wrote about them for Crochet Today. Um, these scissors are the reason I don’t want to upgrade my cell phone to something suitable for 2010–the little lanyard fits perfectly in the charm holder on my phone. Which yes, is old and non texty/webby/GPSy. But what my phone does have is a place to hang scissors–so that even when I’m on a car or plane trip and think, “Oh s###, I forgot my scissors!”– I am wrong. They are there. And with a tiny 3/4″ blade, no TSA agent can take them from me.

For Sharpness and Cuteness: EK Success Cutter Bee Scissors (black/yellow and two-tone pink handles). I carry these in my project bag and keep another pair by the sofa (ie. yarning area). I use them on yarn alone for a clean cut every time. At least one of my pairs has non-stick tips, which are surprisingly useful when I grab them–hesitantly–to cut open a box sealed with packing tape. No gummy stuff stays on the blades, and my self-imposed guilt about using my “yarn only” scissors subsides quickly.

Among my collection are pairs that work great for paper, pinking, felt, and more, and I’m glad that at least there’s variety in my embarrassing amount of scissors. I wish I’d taken a picture of the gazillion pairs my grandmother had in her house when we moved in–sewing, hair cutting, utility, etc. At the time, I wondered how and why she had so many pairs, but considering that I have 65 more years to collect shears, I better keep my mouth shut!

What is your favorite pair of scissors and why?

Disclaimer: The idea for this post was purely from my own brain and I’m not affiliated with any of these companies. A few of these links do go to the product pages on Amazon, if you order them, I get a referral fee. If you want to buy them anyway, why not send me a few pennies?

  • Marty

    Well, let's see-I have my honkin' big Fiskars for the real sewing cutting, a cheap Fiskars knock-off for paper (actually several of those-hubs tends to steal mine so I gave him his own), tiny Fiskars for thread nipping, a pair of regular thread nippers I got with my Viking embroidery machine, oh yeah-the cheapo kitchen shears that I should replace with better ones, and a pair of nippers with a cover for the blades that rides in my sewing bag. Gave a lesson to the grandson the other day on just which scissors were which and which ones he was allowed to touch. I used to use the Marks brand scissors a lot, but I wore them out even though they were supposed to be the best. Now they're relegated to sitting on the shelf in the laundry room waiting to cut open packages and split dryer sheets if I feel frugal. My father in law thought everybody should carry a pair of Slip-n-Snips, a nifty folding scissors. Got a couple of those somewhere.

  • efi

    Dear Linda, what wonderful things you make; I am new to crochet and I am in the look out for easy crochet patterns so I make smallish objects -purses, scarves etc
    I was in Paris last week and I discovered a pair of antique crochet pot holders which I immediately bought. Not only they are lovely and unsual, I thought that I could copy the pattern and make them for charity bazars or presents. However I have not being able to understand/copy the pattern. Could you help? is it possible to send you a photo of them? It seems like it's a crocheted chain attached to a canvas creating a swirling pattern
    If you have the time and you want to see them let me know how I can post a photo

  • Kari

    LOL, that is a lot of scissors! I can remember growing up in a house where The Good Scissors were guarded by my mother and woe betide anyone who used them to cut paper!

    My favourites are my fabric scissors because they are sharpity sharp!

  • Wow. I thought I had a lot of scissors, but you've got me beat! I love, love the Cutter Bee scissors, they're perfect for corners on my paper projects & I have another pair for my sewing and getting close to edges.

    My favorite have got to be my fabric scissors - no idea what brand they are, but cutting into fabric with anything else is so unpleasant, it's good to have one of these around.

  • My favorite pair of scissors is left over from my paper crafting days. Its the only pair that I didn't pack away when I decided to take a break from paper crafting. They are Judikins Detail Scissors (http://www.blockheadstamps..... They are super sharp and are great for cutting yarn. Now as for the scissors that are packed away, that is another story. I am guessing that there are at least 4-6 pairs. Then there are the utility scissors, the two paper cutters, the rotary cutter...

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