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Kid’N Ewe Fiber Fest

Yesterday Nikki and I headed out to Boerne, TX for the annual Kid’n Ewe Fiber Festival. This was my first year attending, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  There were plenty of vendors selling yarn and wares, and it was low on the “frenzy” that you might see at bigger festivals. In fact, when we arrived, which was early by my standards, we felt like the only ones in attendance. Part of that might have been the weather–cold for TX–and the Sunday morning factor.

kid n ewe

Nevertheless we made our way through all of the booths to pet anything and everything there was to pet. It was great to see so many local fiber-related businesses all in one place. I spent some time talking crochet with the Jackie and Mark (I think?), the new owners of Sustainable Fibers (formerly TX Fiber Mill). I’d like to go back for a tour one of these days, I’ve always wanted to see the fleece to yarn process.

kid n ewe

I also spent a lot of time money in the Kai Mohair/Color Me booth–check out that rainbow of dyed mohair locks! This was a fun “salad bar” where you could mix and match locks for only $4/oz, so I got a bunch of bright colors to use for a secret project. Which will remain a secret, in case I don’t finish it in time! I loved the way this booth was set up, the colors were so enticing. I also purchased some really curly mohair (which I’ll use to knit a sheep), and a kit of odds and ends.

kid n ewe

I love working from odds and ends–weaving in a few extra strands to save some $ has never bothered me, and sometimes it makes it easier for me to decide what to get. A little of everything, please!! All of the above yarn came in one 8 oz bag of fun, I spent last night winding most of it into the balls you see in the bowl.

kid n ewe

And, we made sure to find a real life alpaca to pet, too. This was the friendliest alpaca I’ve ever met, usually they can be kind of skittish. Nikki tried to talk this one into coming home with her but it seemed happy just where it was. For some reason, I thought there would be more animals to see, but it’s possible we  missed them or didn’t come on the right day. Despite the smaller scale of the fest, we still ended up totally exhausted from all of the fiber fun, plus I ran into a few of my fiber friends from around TX. Anna let me try her glass crochet hook–and oh my goodness, I need to add some to my collection [when I win the lottery]. She also hooked me up with a few of her new crochet stitch marker designs, which I’m excited to try! I can’t wait to play with my goodies soon!

  • Craftybegonia

    All that yarn! What a wonderful sight!

  • Steph

    Those yarns are very pretty colors. I can't wait to see how the different textures will look in your finished project!

  • lindamade

    thank you! now to figure out what to make!

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