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Slipper Socks

If you’re looking for a fun and easy pattern for last minute gifts, the folks at Simplicity have put together a whole collection of slippers that can be made using their slipper soles.


There are some really funny and clever patterns included, in both knit and crochet (Yay!) and they are all free. Unshaven in Winter by Lily Chin made me giggle a lot, and I love the converse-esqe Hi Top Slippers by Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby. If anyone wants to knit me a pair of Kristin Nicholas’ Nordic Slipper Socks, I would happily accept them as a gift.


My design, Convertible Slipper Booties (ravelry page here),  is much more plain, but you have many options in order to make them your own. The cuff can be worn up or down, depending on how cold it is (or maybe how “unshaven in winter” you are?), so I kept that in mind if you decide on a different embellishment. As is, the cuff folds down neatly behind the flower in case you prefer a “slip on” slipper.


I have a few alternate ideas for embellishing. to keep it interesting if you are making multiple pairs. Try alternating colors for lots of stripes, add multiple flowers, or even cross-stitch a monogram on the toe. The upper is worked in single crochet, which is the perfect canvas for that (just work your stitches before you attach the soles).

I’d like to make myself a pair of these when I have a little more time on my hands. They’re perfect to wear while checking the mail and feeding the cats. Who needs real shoes, anyway? :)

  • Mjb5019

    My 21 year old son has 7 ball python snakes in assorted colors. Im going to see if I cant adapt the serpent slippers to crochet- heck, it might be easier to dig out the kids old mushroom knitter to make the i-cord.........

  • lindamade

    Neat idea-- you could just use my pattern for the basic part (w/a few tweeks) and then add an i-cord or crocheted snake, if you don't want to knit it.

  • Vicki

    Hi Linda, I love these!!! Where can I buy the slipper soles?

  • lindamade

    Hi Vicki,
    I am pretty sure I have seen them at the Hobby Lobby at Crossroads/Wonderland Mall. You may be able to find them at Michael's or the nicer Joann's stores, too!

  • Amy

    Nordics for me!!

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