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Indeicita* Indecisiveness

So remember this post about my bulky sweater made from Malabrigo Rasta? I frogged it a few  months ago. Then I started knitting a Big Lace Scarf from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, but I figured that that wouldn’t really use up much of the yarn so I wanted to make something bigger. Frogged.

knitting 004

Next I decided to use the stitch pattern from the scarf to improvise this capelet/cowl/poncho-y thing that I might actually be able to wear in Texas. You know, for three days out of the year.  I knit on it steadily for a weeks and weeks, and then the madness of family stuff and holidays ensued, and it sat in the corner collecting dust. I was no longer inspired to pick it up. I’m not sure why really, but I just turned my back on it without even getting it back out of the basket.

knitting 003

Well, last night I came home from another day at Yarnivore, itching to pick up the Rasta again. I had run into a friend who started the Cora Scarf probably a year ago and just seeing her reminded me that I wanted to try my hand at cables. I thought, what the heck, I’ll try that with the Rasta because then I’ll get a nice wide scarf. I started with the bits that weren’t already connected to the capelet/cowl. I adore the look of this cable, it’s super thick and structured and maybe not the best for draping around one’s neck but I have some ideas for that.

And yet I still find myself thinking, “What else? What else?”  You see, the problem is not that I don’t like any of these finished objects, per se. The problem is that I like the process of knitting the Rasta more than I like the end product. And if I decide on something once and for all, well, then that’s the end of knitting the Rasta. And I really should not buy any more Rasta. Because what in the heck am I gonna do with superbulky knitted items in TX? I mean, besides unravelling and reknitting them over and over?

*Indeicita is the name of the colorway I’m working with.

  • I too am a process knitter and have very few items that I knit because I gift them. Many times, in a situation such as your, I donate the item -- expensive yarn and all -- to a charity. Some are listed in the side panel on my blog. When I think of the joy a good quality item will bring to someone who normally cannot have such things, I feel blessed. Something to think about....

  • You should definitely buy more Rasta if you want it. And don't forget about crocheted flowers! :) I love your projects.

  • lindamade

    ah, but you haven't seen all of the other yarn i should be using up....: )

  • I love the colors Linda!

  • lindamade


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