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Mr. Ripley

Every now and then, I get a sweet email from a crocheter about one of my patterns. Mimi sent me this one last week, about the beginner’s beret (Crochet Today, Sept/Oct 2010) she crocheted for one of her library patrons, Mr. Ripley:

I just wanted to share with you a story about your Beginner’s Beret pattern. I am a librarian and one of my regular patrons that we all love at the library is an elderly man, Mr. Ripley. Mr. Ripley has cancer and is not doing very well, but still visits us at the library for books and conversation several times a week.

We have had a chilly winter for Florida and he asked me where he could buy a beret. He said he always wanted to have one, and didn’t know if he’d have another opportunity to wear one again. : ( Well, I had just received that issue with your beret in it and I remembered it instantly. I said, “Don’t buy one. I”ll have one for you by the end of the week. What color would you like?” He said royal blue. Well I went to Michael’s after work, picked up some Royal Blue yarn, and had the hat done before I went to bed. I called him the next day and he came by to pick up the hat. In the mean time I pinned a button to the hat that said: “Library: A Brain’s Best Friend”. He LOVES the beret and has not stopped wearing it since I gave it to him. He said it’s his revolutionary library patron hat. : )


Your pattern has brought him so much joy, and kept him warm this winter too. Thank you for such a great, easy to follow pattern that looks magnificent on Mr. Ripley. I’m sure you understand when I say that crochet can change lives, and wanted you to know you were part of that down here in South Florida.


PS: Now he would like me to crochet him a fedora : )

I love that Mimi took the time to crochet this hat for Mr. Ripley, as I am sure the handsome blue beret made his day as much as hearing the story made mine!  And you and I both know that it is Mimi’s kindness and caring that is really keeping Mr. Ripley warm this winter.  How cool is that?

  • Trish McConnell


    This story made me smile too! What a wonderful labor of love on Mimi's part. I truly believe acts of kindness are one of the most wonderful things we can do for each other. He looks quite "dapper" in his beret. Nice to know that you played a part by providing the pattern. Happy St. Patricks Day!


  • What a sweet story! It must warm your hear to get feedback like that :-)

  • lindamade

    thanks Lisa--it's definitely the preferred kind of feedback. ; )

  • Brett Bara

    Aw, I love this!!

  • Amy

    This is fabulous!

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