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Peanut Butter Cardigan!

I’m very excited to share my latest two designs, both of which are in the new issue of Tangled! If you haven’t checked out this online mag, head straight over. It was started by some friends of mine in Montana and they have done a really spectacular job of including both crochet and knitting patterns, some free, some for purchase. This issue has three patterns which are “cross threaded”–meaning they have both knit and crochet versions. And I just love the design and styling of the magazine, the clean visual look of the site is very important to me and it’s not something I see often in crochet zines, unfortunately. These ladies have outdone themselves!

Peanut Butter Cardigan (Crochet)
This issue contains my very first adult garment pattern, Peanut Butter (ravelry link). PB is worked side to side in sport weight yarn (which gives grrrreat drape) with feminine smock stitch detailing on the bodice. There’s also a knit version, Jelly, if that’s more your persuasion. Here are both together:

Peanut Butter Cardigan (Crochet)
Adorable! We worked very hard to make this pattern, and I am super proud of it. I don’t do a lot of garment patterns (yet) and there are many reasons, but the most important is that I want each one to be a special design that has a long-lasting appeal, and it’s also tricky to find a pub that allows me the space to include the detailed instructions that make it easier on you, the crocheter.  Tracy St. John (whose name you might recognize from the pages of Interweave Crochet) really helped me go over this one with a fine-toothed comb. I think and hope this cardigan satisfies my goals, and I want to make one for myself soon! It comes in six sizes ranging from a 32″ to 52″ bust, and includes a diagram of the smocking pattern. You can purchase the pattern on Tangled for $6.50 (just click “add to cart”). I would love to see your version if you make one! And the yarn I used–Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine, was perfect for this sweater–it’s soft, affordable, has a generous yardage per skein, and comes in great colors. I’d use this yarn again in a heartbeat. Thanks to Berroco for the yarn support.

Shimmer Scarf (crochet)

My second, FREE pattern is a little combination of crochet and weaving, called Shimmer (ravelry link). Shimmer is a scarf that’s crocheted in a worsted wool-silk blend (Louisa Harding Grace Wool+Silk), then the sparkling ribbon yarn (also Louisa, Sari Ribbon)  is added by weaving it through the stitch pattern, which creates little windows on the front that let the sparkle shine through. I designed this scarf specifically because I’d been drooling over both yarns at Yarnivore, and I wanted to find an enjoyable way to crochet the ribbon. KFI was generous enough to donate the skeins so I could design this free pattern.


The scarf looks cool from either side, but the ribbon is much more visible on what is the “back” to me (what you see in the photos in the mag). If you look at it from the front, it’s a much more understated,  subtle shimmer, which is what my original vision was. I like them both, but wanted to show you what my vision of the front looked like.

There are plenty of other awesome patterns in this issue, including Radicowl!, a brioche-stitch uspired crochet cowl (knit version here!), Helleborus, stunning flowering mitts by Shelby Allaho and a lovely Jane Austen inspired knit, Elinor Dashwood (crochet version here!). Please check it out and tell all of your friends. Cause see, we can all get along! Happy hooking and sticking!

  • Kukuriku

    Hey Linda!

    I got your peanut butter  cardigan pattern via Ravelry.

    I can make neither head nor tail of the smocking  instructions.  Heeeellllppp!  Any chance of some photos or a video please?

  • lindamade

    I don't have a video for the technique, but if you practice making post stitches and decreases--and then combine the two--that is how you achieve the smocking. I think looking at the diagram will help you, and working the pattern out on a small swatch will also help you get the gist of the pattern.

  • CrochetBlogger

    Peanut butter and jelly ... very cute! The patterns are really great looking.

  • I love the patterns. They are so well-curated and everything about the magazine is top-notch. Linda, I LOVE your sweater. I don't normally do sweaters, but this one is super-cute, so never say never. :) Congrats!

  • lindamade

    Thanks Cami. I don't make that many sweaters myself...but this one, I'll make twice!

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