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Green Bean Cardigan!

So, I actually took myself out for a photo shoot…with, myself, because we have been busy around these parts. I got some decent shots of my finished Peanut Butter Cardigan (which I’m calling Green Bean Cardigan) just to give you an idea of the fit on an average-ish body. I made the Medium, size 40″ chest, included sizes extend from 32″-52″.

my crohet green bean cardigan
I made a couple mods–first, I made the sleeves 4 rows wider, because I have big arms. They used to be big flabby arms but now they are flabby arms with big biceps, since I’ve been training.  Yeah! I also did the non-bell sleeve option, which as my technical editor suggested, probably really only looks good on the smallest sizes (us larger sizes will already get a semi-bell sleeve due to the nature of the sleeve  construction).

my crohet green bean cardigan

I also made the neckline deeper by 1″, which, if I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t do. It’s fine, but it wasn’t necessary, live and learn. It still looks cute though!

my crohet green bean cardigan
The yarn is Berroco Vintage DK in the color Fennel, which worked perfectly for this design. The yarn has tiny flecks of other colors in it, which is very nice and makes strangers go “ooh” and “aah” when you work with it in public. I’m always searching for yarns with good value and  yardage for crochet, and this one is amazing on both of those fronts. At about $7 skein, it only cost me $35 to stitch this sweater.

pearsall, tx
I wove in a lot of ends and put some finishing touches on it on the way to visit a green bean farm and canning facility with my mom and a bunch of other folks. Hence the name. And can you believe this is the only garment I have in this color? Pretty.

Housekeeping note–I’ll give you until the end of today (Midnight CST, May 16th) to share your geeky memory with me for a chance to win the World of GeekCraft book!

  • Katy Colburn

    Very cute! And it looks so comfortable too!

  • Anna

    I think that is the cutest crocheted cardigan I have ever seen, and I love love LOVE the color!

  • lindamade

    Thanks, that's sweet! It's funny, I chose the green because the color I originally wanted to try was backordered. Glad that happened!

  • Kim

    I love the cardigan in this shade, and I love your dress. How do you find the time to crochet for yourself?

  • lindamade

    A little bit at a time! I made a deal with myself that I would still make time to crochet for fun and it's not always easy but it is stll a nice way to relax when I have a pattern to follow.

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