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Why You Should Always Make A Gauge Swatch

…and use the reccomended yarn weight!

Meet Ricky, who came in for a crochet lesson with me this week, so that he could make flowers to embellish his amazing knit cabled scarf.

Why you should always make a gauge swatch

That’s me holding the “scarf” (and laughing hysterically). Because well, Ricky is a new knitter and he held four strands of worsted weight yarn together (instead of the 1 strand the pattern called for) not realizing how drastically that would change the finished size. And so, this “scarf”  is now a beautiful baby blanket for a friend who just gave birth. And we may somehow deck it out in crochet flowers to make it more girly, although I tried to convince him it is just lovely as is. But hey, I’ll take any chance I can to hook people when they’re interested.

Now, this turned into a happy accident/creative challenge, and the blanket is beautiful, so no problems there. But when you’re picking yarn for a project, always go with the recommended weight category and check your gauge to make sure you’ll end up with something that’s the same size as the finished item. (Second hint: LOOK at the finished size on the pattern! Many people never do, and it tells you exactly what you’re making, which may be a different size than you were visualizing).

Many thanks to Ricky for letting me use him as a cautionary tale–it was just too perfect an example not to document it. Can you believe this is only his fourth knitting project?  I see lots of great knitting and crochet in his future!

  • Lunanott

    Omg that looks awesome, it's a happy accident. At least he didn't end up with a giant beanie tam like I did once just freestyle knitting. I'm keeping it though maybe in four years when my hair is really long I can ur it all I. The beanie tam and it will look like it was on purpose.

  • CrochetBlogger

    Definitely made me smile!

  • Ellen

    Wow, first time knitter & all those beautiful cables & bobbles.  It looks fantastic & perfect as is!

  • i love that he is already awesome at this and it's only his fourth try.  i'm impressed by him!

  • lindamade

    You and me too!

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