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Freddie’s Sweater

You knew it was coming. And if you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably already seen it. But, yes, it’s true. Last week– I went there. I crocheted a sweater for Freddie.

freddie,crochet 013

Go ahead and laugh at me. I used to naysay the animals + clothing equation. Actually, I very recently turned down the opportunity to design a dog sweater. Little did I know that a little doggie dressing urge would come over me once I had a cute little pup of my own. For the record, I still think the the bedazzled tank tops and camouflage mini skirts they sell for dogs are scary. Who wants a sexy dog? But, Freddie shivers and we’re only in the high 80s here, temperature wise. Plus, this was kind of a fun experiment. One that might be repeated. Crocheting for dogs is like crocheting for babies. They’re small, cute, have no body issues, and they can’t talk. So therefore, they seem to appreciate all of my efforts. Thank  you doggies and babies of the world.

freddie's sweater
And look, I mean, isn’t that the nicest dog sweater you’ve seen in a while? The ones at the pet store were so cheaply made that I couldn’t even stand to touch them. But Freddie’s is a custom design made from Cascade 150 paints. I used a textured hdc design on top (alternating front and back loops) and then worked the underbelly lengthwise so that I could shape it to fit his little Chihuahua frame. If you’re interested you can find more details on my Ravelry page. I won’t tell your boyfriends or husbands that you’re thinking about it.

freddie,crochet 011
Best dressed dog on the block, I tell you. Okay, possibly the only “dressed” dog on the block. Either way, we’re totally in love with him.

  • Knownway

    I LOVE Freddie! And his little sweater looks totally rad on him. We have a rat terrier/chihuahua mix and we love him to death. They are the sweetest dogs. No laughing here... I totally understand dog sweaters. I'm with you on the frou-frou things that some people dress their dogs up in, though...

  • Maggie Santolla

    TOO CUTE! Honestly, I might think less of you if you DIDN'T crochet a sweater for that handsome fellow. He deserves it! 

  • Marty

    And you can tell, he LOVES his new sweater!  I made a sweater for my son's Pug, and tried it on my Westie.  She loved it and didn't want me to take it off, but Westies are hot little dogs and she would have been in bad shape!  The Pug loved it, too.

  • cal patch

    ok, gertie is telling me it's time she had a new sweater too! it's certainly been too long since i made one. freddie's is adorable!

  • Michael

    So adorable. :o)  Unfortunately (?), both of my dogs already have so much (long) fur, I don't think they "need" a sweater, but Freddie wears his very well!

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