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Hack*Wheeze*Hats Please!

I spent the weekend helping many of the more than 300 people who came through Yarnivore’s doors for the Hill Country Yarn Crawl and of course, ended up entirely sick and sacked out on the couch by last night. So no, I haven’t selected a winner for Granny Square Love yet (soon!) but I keep forgetting to post about my most recent published patterns, and what better time to do it than when I don’t have the brainpower for much else?

atomic hatPhoto copyright Interweave Crochet.

First up is the Atomic Hat, which is in Interweave Crochet’s stunning Fall Issue. (Did you see Betty’s Tunisian Tee in there? Wow!) I’ve been really interested in crochet cables lately, and this is my take on a knit cable cap. What might not be apparent from the picture is that the pattern is written for three sizes–child/teen, women and men–so you can make it for the whole family. It’s worked from the bottom up, and between each row of post stitches, you get a “breather row” of solid dc, which makes for a nice mental balance, of paying attention vs. relaxing,  in my opinion. Choose a sturdy sock yarn with a tight twist for this one–I swatched it in some super soft sock yarns before submitting and they didn’t quite do justice to the cables.

aspen ski hatPhoto copyright Crochet Today.

Crochet Today published my Men’s Ski Hat, which uses mock fairisle to create colorful patterning. Why is it mock? Because you won’t need to switch colors within the same round–each round uses only one color of yarn. This hat actually got lost in the mail on the way to Crochet Today, so Marina (the Craft Editor) was nice enough to re-stitch it for me. She did a great job, and I don’t know that I could have completed it in time otherwise. Thanks Marina! The rest of the issue is full of cute gifty patterns, plus a slew of granny-square inspired projects. Check it out.

Tune in tomorrow for another pattern release. If I can get it together, there will be more to follow this week.  Or I may just sleep on the couch while Freddie tries to sneak-attack me with dog kisses. That sounds pretty good to me, too.

  • Julia Riley Kupas

    Linda, I am looking for a copy of the Men's Ski Hat, which is the ONLY hat my husband wants for Christmas this year! Has it been published anywhere besides Crochet Today? Thanks for any help you can give... it's a gorgeous pattern!

  • lindamade

    Hi Julia, Unfortunately I don't own the rights to that pattern, and therefore can't sell it to you. You might try contacting Red Heart to see if they can send you the pattern, seeing if there is a digital copy available or trying the Crocheter's Today group on Ravelry (someone may sell you a back issue). Good luck!

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