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Holiday Decorating

Okay, I know it’s early. But I saw this cute tutorial over at Good Knits and I couldn’t help myself.

This wreath took about an hour to make. It’s not hard to do (it’s pretty much the same technique as  my Embellished Flip Flops), just tedious. I changed the edging to shells for mine, and I want to add some flowers or other pretty things to it soon. The way things have been going lately, I knew I better sit down and do it the minute I bought the wreath form, or else! And yep, it’s been sitting on my table for a week waiting for the finishing touches…just as soon as I get through my never-ending pile of deadlines. Mmhmm. Yeah, I didn’t even weave in the ends yet.  Oh, and I used Brown Sheep Burly Spun (way less than a skein–the remains are in the ball in the pic) to make this– here is  my ravelry page for slightly more details.

thanksgiving place cards and leaves

If you’re looking for more quick and fun holiday decor items, you might want to check out some of my free (old, but free!) tutorials–Autumn Leaves and Sweet and Simple Xmas Ornaments.  I just found a baggie of the leaves I made a few years ago when I was cleaning out my craft supplies, and it made me smile. Oh, and I can’t forget my Turkey Day Place Cards–from 2007. Eons ago! Still cute, though!

Speaking of cute, thanks for all your nice comments on my puppy post. He’s very spoiled. He  has a hard life, doesn’t he? I added a  new category to my blog: Crazy Dog Lady. You’ve  been warned.

  • Asiverson

    Hey, Crazy dog lady, I'm known as the Crazy cat lady by my family! Love my babies, and your baby is toooo cute! He looks like he has such a hard life (tongue in cheek!).

  • Your dog is sooooooo cute! He´s the kind of dog I wish to have! :)

  • lindamade

    thanks. we adore him, and hey, he just showed up one day. it can happen to you too! :)

  • Anna

    YES.  I am all about crazy dog lady posts.

    Great wreath!  I may have to try and make one for my front door.  It's a little bare out there at the moment.

  • Adrianne Martin

    He lucked out when he wandered into your yard!  We just got a new doggie - similar colors, but 80 pounds.  Love her, but took her to doggie day care today so I could get some work done.  They're worth the trade-off!

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