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On the Nails, On the Needles

One of the knitting blogs I read does an occasional post about the yarn they are knitting and the nail polish they are wearing. I can’t remember which blog, and I’ve spent a good twenty minutes searching, so I’m just going to have to post without a link. If it’s you, tell me in the comments!

Anyway, because I’ve been sucked in to the world of nail polish…most likely due to twitter and crafty ladies’ blogs wherein they share their nail art, and also possibly because I have dishes to avoid doing, I thought I’d do my own similar post.

on the nails/on the needles

On the Needles: This week I cast on for the Purl Bee’s Chevron Baby Blankie using a doubled strand of Blue Sky Alpacas worsted cotton. I just love to knit this cotton, it’s very soft and the colors are great. I will say it’s a little bit rough on my hands, but I think it’s partly because of the double strand. Also, I’m embarrassed by the number of times I have had to rip out a row because I screwed up t he pattern. I like my knitting patterns with one row of thinking –with different stitches/ increases/decreases involved, and then one row to rest –ie. knit across, or purl across) . This one has the increases in one row and the decreases in the other, and I can’ tell you how many times I’ve been in the middle of the row and changed from increasing to decreasing! Darn! That just means I get to spend more time with this squishy project, though, so I’m not too upset. I’m two and a half stripes in now, using the following colors for my blanket (from stash!): aloe, carribean, pickle, lemongrass, poppy, and then either flamingo or espresso, I haven’t decided yet.

On the nails: Nicole “Iceberg Lotus”, 3 coats. Found at Target. This is even sparklier in person, and originally I was going to put green glitter on the tips of my nails, but it would have been overkill. I know you care.

As for the rest of the week, I’ve been finishing up a few freelance patterns and working on a couple of those simple wreaths I wrote about. OMG, it’s murder on the hands to wrap the styrofoam but I love the results. I, um, bought two more wreath forms because I’m having fun making the embellishments. I can stop whenever I want, I swear! I’ll share them with you soon.

sad little bean

I’ve also been taking care of this little bean. He has some mites that we need to take care of, but the medicine the vet prescribed completely knocked him out for two days, which scared the crap out of us. Today he’s getting back to his normal self, thank goodness, it’s amazing how much we care about this little guy.

  • Jmsukert
  • lindamade

    It's not, but I did come across that one in searching for it. I'm sure I'll see another post in my reader soon and then I'll update this one.

  • Pooch

    Have you tried wearing rubber gloves while wrapping the wreath? It is a very crafty project indeed!


  • Anna Singa

    I couldn't do that with rubber gloves but I also try that because of my nails. Anyway, now I am using matte polish and I like it wery much. anna

  • lindamade

    To get a better grip? I think it might be too much grip (because I crochet the wrapping on, not just wrap it) but thanks for the thought.

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