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Lace Skirt Crochet Pattern

I’ve just added a new skirt pattern to my Ravelry PDF shop, the Lace Skirt. This skirt is crocheted with a simple side-to-side construction that makes it easy to customize to any waist measurement. The pattern includes two options for the waist–a zipper or an elastic, both of which are much less scary than they sound. Sewing a zipper into a crocheted garment= WAY easier than sewing it into fabric, in my opinion, especially if you take your time and hand sew it (bonus: you do not need to clear off the sewing table if you do it this way).

Lace Skirt by Linda Permann

I took some new pictures of my sister Mary modeling it this weekend. She’s wearing it with bike shorts but of course it would be really lovely with a colorful slip underneath. There’s a bit of lace detailing at the hem and an almost hidden contrast color edging. By changing stitch heights, you’ll create a gentle flared shape as you go, without really having to think too  much about the stitching. Tammy generously made most of this sample for me, I just did the finishing. After that we joked about hey, she’s my boss (at the yarn shop) and what the heck happened? She is a great crocheter even though knitting is her true love.

Lace Skirt by Linda Permann$3.50 thru Jan 31, 2012

The Lace Skirt takes about 860-1100 yards of DK weight yarn, depending on your size, and is written from XS (26″ waist) to XXL (39″) waist. If you don’t actually want to measure your waist, just keep crocheting till it fits comfortably around you. I won’t judge! I used Rowan’s wool/cotton- the blend is nice because wool is a bit lighter and has more m memory than cotton, so it won’t overstretch, but the cotton makes it nice for Spring. Through January, the pattern PDF is on sale for only $3.50, after which it will be $5, so get it while it’s hot!

  • Done & in my Ravelry library. :) So cute!

  • Marty

    Pretty skirt.  BTW, Linda, the other day I was passing by Cactus Records and they had a crocheted sweater in the window.  It looks to be started from a circle kind of on the side and turns into a cute lacy pullover.  The colors they used make it look like a tie dye.  My son's girlfriend would absolutely love one.  You don't happen to know of a similar pattern, do you?

  • lindamade

    Not off the top of my head, but maybe search ravelry for a top down sweater? Many of them start with a circular yoke.

  • Allegra Segura

    Super cute!

  • lindamade


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