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It’s Getting REAL in Here

Howdy friends. I am writing you from behind a tower of boxes filled with endless yarn, craft supplies, household goods, etc. We have about one more day of packing and then it’s hit-the-road time, we’ll be on our way to Colorado. I am excited, nervous, and mostly ready to get on with it. The dog is going crazy, we’re stressed out and every time I think I’ve packed all of X, Y or Z, I find another one. I’ve done some decluttering on the way out and plan to do more once we arrive. I can’t tell you how many craft supplies there are and I’m someone who likes to think I have control over the situation. Ahem.


I wanted to share this picture of my fingernails with you. It’s very important, see, because one of my crochet students gave me the polish and decals as a going away present. Hi April, thank you! Painting my nails (ahem, two weeks ago) was a needed diversion and I enjoyed it. I also just sent off the project made from the yarn you see in this picture today- it’s Madelinetosh Pashmina. More on that when it’s published. Let me state for the record: I love Madelinetosh yarn. Haven’t met a color or baseI didn’t like yet. Yum.

flowerI doubt I’ll be blogging much in the next few weeks but I’ve recently been having lots of fun with Instagram, so you can keep up with me there–I’m lindamade.  If you don’t want to sign up for something new, you’re just going to have to follow me on Twitter! (which for many of you, I guess, might be signing up for something new). I share most of my photos there.  I’m really enjoying it, and think it’s a fun, perfect time for me to be looking at my surroundings again. I really love taking photos and I have gotten away from it in the past few years. This is a quick (free!)  way to pay attention and take notice.

I got one last ball of yarn from Yarnivore (as if I don’t have enough) with hopes of at least starting this Spring Showers Shawl on the drive. I “packed” it in the glove compartment so I don’t get tempted to start sooner than when we leave.

Now back to the grind. Hope all is well in your world, crocheters! Freddie, Paul and I can’t wait to get back to our new normal.


  • Lisa

    Can you tell me what you have your skein of yarn in, the purple with white hearts thing?

  • lindamade

    Yes, it's called a Yarn Cozy by Buffy Ann Designs. Love them! Sorry for my delayed response.

  • Adgratteau

    Oh Linda, you rock star! I love the nails! So cute! I really hope all goes well for your move! I can't wait to see you again someday soon! I picked up a magazine with your shell pattern in it today, and I looked at a knitting magazine just for fun. Wouldn't you know it, I was scratching my head at all the stuff in there! Since I haven't done it in so long I had to really concentrate to figure it out! I guess crochet has really taken up space in my already addled brain!

  • lindamade

    Thanks April! The hardest part about painting my nails is sitting still in the 15 minutes it takes to dry them, but it was a nice break and lots of people complimented them. Keep crocheting and knitting and hopefully I'll see you again soon--maybe xmas? :)

  • Kim

    Linda,  I have been following your progress on your move.  It looks like all is going pretty well.  I hope Freddie will adjust quickly.  Moving can be so hard on pets.  I remember when we moved here.  I had to sit up all night with Stanley, the cat.  He just kept crying and crying.  Change is hard for us, but so much harder for the animals.  It does get better tho.  

    p.s.  I am crocheting up a storm on my first shawls and shawlettes!  Such fun.  Still need to block tho.

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