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Hello Sewing, My Old Friend

We’ve been steadily working to get our new place in order, because I start work this week and I know once I’m busy I won’t have time to care as much about making it nice. We planned to install wooden blinds on all four kitchen windows but due to the wonders of mis-measuring and ikea’s pre-cut sizing, we realized none of the available blinds would fit in the front window.

So I decided to make curtains. I wanted this fabric anyway, and now I had a use for it—even better. Would you believe that I haven’t sewn in so long that I actually had to watch some youtube videos to remind myself how to properly wind a bobbin and oil my machine?

curtains2I bought four yards of 60″ (ish) wide fabric and followed the fabulous Brett Bara’s tutorial on DesignSponge to make two 64″ long panels. I let her post do the math for me–thanks Brett! Each panel only takes 4 seams and a whole lot of ironing. Even with a cramped space and only my most basic sewing tools unpacked, it was doable.

About four hours later, voila! Curtains! Once we get all of our boxes and detrius cleaned up perhaps I will post a nicer finished photo of the kitchen. I also want to crochet some bright orange floral curtain tie backs for these if/when I get a chance.

It felt good to sew again. Here’s hoping that I’ll have more leisure crafting time now that I have a “regular” job.

  • Brooke

    Where is this fabric from? I just love it!

  • lindamade

    I got it at IKEA. I love it too!

  • Sandboxcastle on

    We made curtains for our bedroom using the same exact print (except i have no sewing machine so it was all done with heat bond ) - I have to say great taste !

  • Shortyssutures

    Great job! I can't tell you how many times I reach for the Internet and videos to help refresh my memory or teach me how to do something. We live in a very pro-creative time, so to speak! LOL! My best to you as you begin the new job and finish getting settled.

  • Those are gorgeous!  I hope to get some sewing done this summer.

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