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So, We Live Here Now

We all made it to Colorado safe and sound. My sister Mary helped us drive up and we arrived last Friday, and since then have been in a hustle of furnishing the house, exploring our new digs, and trying not to go insane. It’s amazing to think we live here now–the weather has been awesome (and I keep getting sunburned, oops!), the people are remarkably friendly, and we’re back to nature. Plus, renting a house that’s “ours” (for now) is really nice, we made a few trips to ikea and have been doing as many small improvements as we can because I know that once I start work (on Monday!) I’ll cease to care. I don’t like living around flaws, so we worked to get it in good shape this week but also had time for exploring. Here are some photos from Instagram… I have more on my “real” camera but who knows when I’ll upload them.

We had expert movers pack the truck to the hilt. This is it after we’d emptied the first load–they even put the bed near the back for us so we could unload it first in order to sleep on it! It was amazing how much of our crap they packed in there, and of course afterwards we were disgusted with ourselves and wanted to throw it all away. That feeling lasted about 3 days.

fred in the car
Freddles rode in the front seat. He was anxious, so I didn’t get much crocheting done. In fact, I’ve barely crocheted at all in the last week as I am exhausted and every time I get a row done on my shawl, I find a mistake and need to rip back.

These are the plains outside our hotel in Dumas, TX. Beautiful in their understated way.

me and mary in boulder
Me and Mary in beautiful Boulder CO. Paul and I have been here twice since moving and can see the appeal.

We have roses in our new front yard so I made a little bouquet to enjoy.

scissor bin at ikeaAnd I introduced Paul to the wonderful world of Ikea. Here’s me standing at the scissor bin. No, I didn’t buy any.

red rocks
Today we checked out Red Rocks and the Morrison Museum of Natural History, then went back to Boulder to retrieve a camera we left on Sunday. Thank goodness for honest and friendly folks.

You can see more photos by following me on Twitter or Instagram (I’m Lindamade both places). Thanks to everyone who has wished us well, we feel very lucky and excited on this adventure.

  • Shortyssutures

    What a beautiful place to move to! I've been so behind on Twitter and everything else that I saw you mentioned moving but I didn't see the posts as to why or where to. I'm glad you're in such a wonderful spot. My hubby will be visiting CO next month for training (he went last June, too) and I'm so envious that I can't join him. Maybe one of these days... Anyways, best wishes and I look forward to new posts about the new home and job, and of course your gorgeous patterns! ~Kelly

  • lindamade

    Thanks Kelly!

  • congratulations!!

  • DeeAnna Swanson

    Congratulations on all your new beginnings!!! I'm so excited for you on your new position at Craftsy!!!!! Although, I'll miss getting to meet you at Yarnivore. My husband and I just found out that we're moving to San Antonio in the fall. :-D I'm so excited and definitely plan on visiting Yarnivore. I'm also sure that it will become my fav LYS. :-D Perhaps you'll be able to come visit sometime after you get settled in CO.

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