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Saturn Sweater + Booksigning Next Saturday!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple weeks to tell you: My sweater is on the cover of Interweave Crochet, Fall 2012! Yeah!
Interweave fall 2012
For the record, this is the first time I’ve had anything on the cover of Interweave Crochet, and I am quite proud! They dubbed it Saturn Sweater, because of the rings of colorful stitching around the collar and cuffs. Perfect!
Interweave fall 2012

This easily could have been a very. boring. sweater. It’s easy to make (1 stitch, for the majority of it!) but the fun part comes in when you add the colorful stitching, buttons and button band. I think the little orange on the button band makes it. I also like to think that if you get bored easily, you can change out the surface embellishment around the yoke quite simply–next week or three years from now, whenever.

This sweater is worked from the top down, in the round, so not much as far as finishing goes. You will, however, have to weave in all the ends from the surface design–although you could just hook them to the inside if no one’s going to be looking. The sweater comes in six sizes from 32 to 52 and it’s easy enough to play with gauge to hit the sizes in between. Here’s the ravelry page with more information.

Little Crochet book signing

In other exciting news, I’ll be doing a book signing as part of the Yarn Along the Rockies Crawl this weekend, Saturday,  Sept 15th at Stash Yarns in Castle Rock. The signing is from 2-4 PM on Saturday, and I’ll bring a bunch of crocheted samples with me, so you can ogle. Some from the books, some from my pattern line! If you have any requests let me know. Hope to see you there!

  • Adele

    I saw the cover, and instantly fell in love... although the result didn't match the initial result (I hadn't used a crochet since I was 17yo! And I am now 38...). But it was a great model to start up again, and I shall make it again! I am currently making its sister jumper... And thouroughly enjoying myself! And this time, it will look incredible! So thank you for your great designs. You are an inspiration! :-)

  • Anne

    Hey Linda congrats on the cover! I think they printed a mistake in the pattern! Isn't row 5 supposed to say "repeat row 3" instead of row 2? I couldn't figure out why I had too many stitches in row 6, and went back to investigate, and realized that's what it must be. Its a gorgeous sweater, can't wait to finish it up and wear it!

  • lindamade

    Hi Anne! Oh no, you're right, it should be Repeat Row 3 (the work even row). I'm not sure what happened but that's the way I originally wrote it. I'll post errata on Ravelry.

  • April

    I saw the issue at Wal Mart and grabbed it. Congrats!

  • Lona

    Congratulations! How exciting!

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