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Crafty Weekend

I feel like we’re finally starting to settle in here, and I’ve even had some time to make “just for fun” stuff–wahoo! It’s hard to say no to design work but the reality is that I don’t have a ton of time for it and it’s really nice to just take the time to make something for me! Here are some of the things I have been working on.


I’m nearly finished crocheting Piped Petals Cardigan #2, The Wedding Shrug Version. This is made with the pattern from my Sugar and Spice E-book and 2.1 skeins of Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply yarn. I literally had 2 rows on the button band and 10 rows total of sleeve edging to work when I had to break into the third skein, so if you’re my size (around 40″ bust) then 850 yards will get you a short shrug (I just crocheted fewer rows to get this length, since it’s a top-down piece). I have some excellent buttons for this, which I guiltily purchased at Stitches Midwest. See, sometimes I *do* use stuff from my stash! I’m almost done with this one but what do you want to bet it takes me weeks to get those last few rows done, ends woven, and blocked?


I also spent a couple weekends drafting and sewing my own A-line skirt pattern with the help of Craftsy’s “Design and Sew and A-line Skirt” class, plus all of the sewing skills I’ve learned through osmosis while filming classes. We have an exciting class about fit coming up, and I used what I learned there to make 2- count ‘em- 2 muslins of this skirt before cutting into this luscious velveteen fabric. I went above and beyond and added a lining, and I think I spent at least a few hours sitting there being scared to sew it all together. All in all it looks pretty decent (I’ll almost always wear it with a shirt untucked), despite this crummy instagram photo, filtered to high heaven to protect your eyes from my “winter legs”.  I might look like a highlighter when I wear this but I like it!


Also in sewing, I made some more quick and super-easy applique items for my nephew’s gift. Don’t worry, I also got him a fun gift– but I made him a “T” shirt a few years ago and he still wears it, and everyone always compliments it, so I knew I wanted to make more. It has taken me a shamefully long time to getting around to making these- I actually had one of the shirts in my bin that I intended to make him for LAST xmas. At least I bought a size too large, so hopefully it will fit him this year. I used a grand total of 2 charm squares and a touch of heat’n'bond light to whip out these two. This photo was snapped before the final sewing around the edge, but you get the idea.


Last but not least, I spent last weekend crocheting some tiny simple flowers for a hair ornament to wear to our holiday party at work. I saw some similar ones made of felt at a craft fair but I wanted to make my own. Turns out I have more yarn than felt, but you knew that already, right? I used some plastic rhinestone-type gems that I got in New York, oh, 11 years ago, when someone was giving away much of their stash on Craigslist. I learned to crochet with yarn from that same stash. And I’ve moved those gems at least 4 times, but see, I do use the stash! If you’re wondering how to make these little flowers, I have a pattern with similar (bigger!) flowers coming out in a book sooner or later. Stay tuned.

What crafts are you working on right now? Are you making holiday gifts? Let me know in the comments.

  • futuregirl

    Loving that skirt! And the hair doodad with the crochet flowers and the gems. I love that there's so much stash busting going on here. Inspirational! :) I'm still planning on reviewing your excellent Sugar and Spice E-book. Such cute patterns.

  • lindamade

    Thanks Alice. I'm so busy working lately that I've decided NO MORE YARN. :) Heh. Until I like, do something with all of the pretties I already have. It's going to take a loooong time to work through those 5 tubs....

  • Weebleflip

    I've just stumbled across your blog - you've got some lovely patterns on here! I just started crocheting about three years ago, and haven't really dared do clothes that are supposed to fit people yet!

    That said, I was quite pleased with how my little plushy toys came out for Christmas gifts! James the Mixed-Traffic Engine (friend of Thomas the Tank Engine) came out best, I think - pics here: http://weebleflip.wordpress...

    He seemed to go down well when unwrapped!

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