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Weekend Knitting

This weekend, it suddenly became very important that I knit a hat for Paul. I’ve been saying I would do it for a long time and just never quite got there. I’ve been trying to strike a work/life balance lately–or more like a work/craft balance, and we’ve both been sick and miserable, so it was the perfect opportunity to stay inside.

hat supervisor

I started this hat using Valley Yarns Greenwich and Knitpicks Chroma from my stash. I removed the girly colors from this colorway but Paul still thought it was a bit too girly, so, oh darn, it became mine.
hat nearly done

I left it kind of slouchy at the top and it’s finished now, but you get the idea. I also took this opportunity to test out my Kollage square needles– and let me tell you, I think these may have changed knitting for me. I really, really liked using them and my gauge wasn’t so stinkin’ loose on them either, meaning I didn’t have to go down a zillion sizes. I’ve already ordered a few more pairs- I love that they are metal, which equals quick, but square, which equals steady. Love. Them.


Once I realized this wasn’t going to be Paul’s hat after all, I got started on #2, which I broke my yarn fasting rule for. I bought some Studio Donegal Tweed at Fancy Tiger and followed pretty much the same gist of the previous pattern, but no stripes this time, since it has the wonderful flecking. Between you and me, all those little flecks of yellow, purple and teal might be considered girly, too, but if I end up with 2 new hats, I won’t mind. I’m using needles I had on hand for these, and going with the magic loop technique, which is about the easiest thing ever and you’d think I might never use short circulars again. But no, actually, for sheer laziness I still prefer a 16″ needle when I can find it. And I can’t wait for my Kollage needles to come, they’ll probably get here before I finish this hat because it is that slow going when I’m not using them. I swear this is not an advertisement, I’m just passionate about finding good tools–and of course everyone has their different preferences.

You can see in the photos above that Freddie fastidiously supervised all knitting excursions. I think he may be begging for a sweater from the leftovers, don’t you? He is a loyal companion.

While you’re here, click on over to Alice Merlino (aka Futuregirl)’s blog and check out her review of my E-book, Sugar and Spice. She has nice things to say, she is too good to me. Lots of projects are starting to pop up on Ravelry now and I just love seeing them. This Sugar Sparkles Shawlette is a particular favorite, and what a fun color for the Pizzelle Beret! See them all right here. If you’ve made a project from the book, please love yours– I love to see them!

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