Crochet Pattern PDFs

Peanut Butter Pattern, $6.50

Circles Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Stellar Beret Pattern, $5.00

Raindrops Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Artichoke Hat Pattern, $5.00

Lace Slouch Hat Pattern, $5.00

Starry Night Cardi Pattern, $6.50

Pebble Hat Pattern, $5.00

Petal Beret Pattern, $5.00

Covered Hangers Pattern, $5.00

Diamond Lace Scarf Pattern, $5.00

Blackberry Beret Pattern, $5.00

Cotton Candy Cowl Pattern, $5.00

Simple Hat Pattern, 4 Sizes, $5.00

Cables + Lace Scarf Pattern, $5.00
To see more of my crochet patterns, click here!.


McCall’s 5388

In an effort to use some interesting fabric I got at the NYC Craft Mafia Swap in Brooklyn this summer, I made McCall’s 5388 (View D). The fabric is super, super soft and flowy, but I had an odd amount of it, as I don’t think it’s a standard width. I knew I would have to combine it [...]

Weekend Recycling

This was the weekend where we tackled the scary closet/pantry. It holds six trash bins for plastic, glass, aluminum cans, magazines, cardboard and newspaper. I set it up when I got here because after recycling for five years, it’s in my blood! Unfortunately there’s no curbside recycling here, so we save it up and take [...]

Link Roundup

Thanks to Modish for featuring me in her Handmade Spaces column. Check it out to see pics of my craft room/studio (in a clean state).
All of my hats and earrings are on sale at Etsy- check it out! There’s still a good bit of winter left.
And check out this 2-part post on needlefelting over at ReproDepot where [...]

Recent Splurges

You may have read here that I resolved to buy a new sewing machine by the end of February. I’ve been meaning to do it but I always get scared to commit. My mom offered to pay for most of it, so it wasn’t even a money issue.  Well, today I got off my duff and went [...]

Holiday Wrap Up (Part 1)

Paul is sleeping under many quilts right now. We made it home last night, just barely, but my luggage did not. I’m hopeful that it just went on to Alberta since we only had ten minutes to transfer (thank you airport cart man!), because I finally let myself buy some cute fabrics. And I want [...]

Last Minute Crafting

I was getting kind of fed up with my lack of holiday crafting (mainly due to work work work!) and a box of stuff from ReproDepot came just as I started making some fabric trees. I really loved the Full Moon Forest charm square set (a sweet deal at $6.95), so I went to task and made [...]

Done and Done

I finished binding the baby quilt! It took quite a lot of time to do all of that hand stitching, but I had time, since I’ve been on the couch with a persistent cold.

Here are some overall shots of the quilt on our bed.  It’s pretty big– 40 x 50 inches, so hopefully my sister’s [...]

Awwww Yeah

Guess what day it is today?
It’s baby quilt binding day! The almost-done quilt has been sitting in my closet since whenever I last posted it, just waiting for the finishing touch. I think that’s just part of the process, to let it breathe before you go in and do the final, possibly most pesky part of [...]

Exciting Announcement!

I lied, I’m back already, to give you some exciting news that’s been in the works for weeks. I’m now also posting on the ReproDepot blog to give you lots of fun fabric-related inspiration. I first met Djerba, the store’s owner, at Renegade Craft Fair a few summers ago, but I’ve loved her store for years. [...]

Fruitcake Softie, For the Fun of It

I’m not one to make a lot of purely-fun projects (I like to make things I “need” so I don’t end up with piles of clutter), but I decided to give a last-minute go to the Holiday Softie Awards.

I started last night, using mostly fabrics from my Denyse Schmidt fat quarter pack. (Let’s see, I’ve [...]